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Leslie Neufeld holds a bachelor of administration degree from the University of Regina, and obtained her chartered accountant designation in 1996. Leslie began her public practice career with Deloitte & Touche in Regina, Saskatchewan, and relocated to her hometown of Swift Current in 1996 to join Stark & Marsh CPA LLP.

Leslie became a partner in 2006 and currently focuses on the Technical Services business unit which provides tax and compliance services to individuals and corporations. She has also worked extensively in the field of trust and estate taxation.

From 2012 to present, she has served as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Stark & Marsh CPA LLP. From June 2008 to June 2010 she served as a member of Council of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Saskatchewan and has also participated on the Institute’s Practice Appraisal Committee. Leslie was also a member of the Board of Director of Saskpower from 2012 – 2017 and Chair of the Audit and Finance Committee.

Estate Services

When a close family member or friend passes away, ensuring their financial affairs are handled appropriately can be an overwhelming task. Our estate preparation and planning team offers efficient professional services and advice to enable you to plan the transfer of assets to beneficiaries, while minimizing tax consequences. Other services include:
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