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AgriStability is one of the business risk management programs under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership. It protects Canadian producers against large declines in farming income for reasons such as production loss, increased costs and market conditions.

Recent changes regarding the removal of the Reference Margin Limit:

  • The AgriStability Program will now better support producers experiencing declines in farm income from factors such as production loss, increased costs and poor market conditions.
  • It will make the AgriStability Program more effective and equitable. Farming operations with low allowable expenses will see increased coverage and the opportunity to access larger benefits.
  • The removal of the Reference Margin Limit is retroactive to the 2020 Program year.

With recent program changes, Rick Redekop with Stark & Marsh outlines what you need to know for completing the New Participant Package for AgriStability.

Visit SCIC for AgriStability deadlines.


AgriInvest is a self-managed producer-government savings account designed to help you manage small income declines and make investments to manage risk and improve market income.

  • The maximum Allowable Net Sales (ANS) eligible under AgriInvest will be reduced to $1 million. down from $1.5 million
  • The annual government matching contributions will be limited to $10,000.00 per AgriInvest account, down from $15,000.00
  • The minimum payment will be adjusted from $75.00 to $250.00


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