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Stark & Marsh is proud of Saskatchewan. We believe it is our responsibility to support our community through volunteering, donations, scholarships and organizing events and projects.

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I feel so good that, as a client of Stark & Marsh CPA LLP, your Professional and Support staff actually go out and work with the volunteers on this particular project.  I realize, of course, that Stark Marsh donates to many causes but, in my opinion, GOGREEN is special in so many ways.  Your energy and dedication will benefit Swift Current for many years into the future. The idea, positive message, people working together for common good, and past/present/future results rate an A+ in my records.  – Joan Willliamson


Stark & Marsh and Innovation Credit Union are excited to announce that GoGreen will take place September 24th, 2021!

Project sites will include Memorial Park, Chaplin St. E., Battleford Trail, the Mountain Bike course, and the Swift Current creek bed. Each site location will include a variety of beautification projects and tree planting.

In an effort to keep everyone safe and ensure all project sites that we commit to can be completed, GoGreen volunteers will be limited to internal staff from each organization and from The City of Swift Current.

We look forward to a day of beautifying Swift Current! Follow us on social media to see photos of GoGreen2021.

GoGreen History

GoGreen began in 2009, after consultations with the City of Swift Current revealed a need for a fall clean up in and around the city. As a corporate citizen, we are committed to our environment and proudly organize this event each year. GoGreen draws over 100 community participants annually, including Stark & Marsh employees and clients. GoGreen Swift Current has contributed to the planting of over 2,200 trees and shrubs.

GoGreen projects include:

  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Landscaping
  • Pathway clean up
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Mulching


GoGreen has taken place in the Town of Shaunavon and in 2017 we officially adopted the Town sign flower bed which we now plant and maintain on an annual basis.

Beautification projects have also taken place in Cabri and Assiniboia and we continue to welcome requests from organizations as needs arise. 

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