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Being able to provide you with your completed Tax Package in the most efficient form possible is extremely important to us.

For the many adverse impacts to business created because of COVID-19, the pandemic also had some benefits in making businesses try different things.

For us, one of the changes was that we started delivering tax packages to clients electronically through a secure portal delivery system. Many of our clients found this to be a valuable addition. For many, they did not want or require paper copies so electronic delivery was enough. For others, it gave them access to an electronic version that they could then send to their financial institution or other professionals as required. And for others, it gave them a secure place to store this information so they would have it on file on an ongoing basis without having to search for or keep a paper copy.

If those sentiments sound familiar or attractive to you, please contact your trusted Stark & Marsh representative.

Reach out to us. We can set this up quickly and easily when it is convenient for you.

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