Uploading Files to Citrix ShareFile

Electronic file submission is available for Stark & Marsh clients. Citrix ShareFile allows us to send files with no size limitations in a secure fashion.

Step 1: Submit Files top right-hand corner
Step 2:  Send Files Now
Step 3: Enter your email address, first & last name, and your company name should you have one.
Step 4: Choose Recipient; select your Stark & Marsh advisor from the list
Step 5: Browse OR drag and drop files into the Upload area
Step 6: Once all files appear in the upload window, select Upload in the bottom left-hand corner to complete the upload process. Allow the files to fully upload before closing the window. You will know a file has successfully uploaded when it appears with a green Uploaded marker next to each file name.

The Stark & Marsh recipient will be notified via email when a client file has been uploaded to their account. This is the safest way to get information to us.  If you have questions, we can help you through the process, contact our Swift Current office at (306) 773-7285 for technical assistance.

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