Ag Analytics

The only constant in agriculture is that it is highly unpredictable.  To increase certainty our consultants are focusing on Ag Analytics to assist you in decision making that will increase cash flow and improve profitability. 

We will analyze your operating data to ensure your cash flow needs and profitability goals are met. 

  • Capital purchase decisions, including land and equipment
  • Crop rotation planning
  • Debt analysis
  • Equipment cost management
  • Farm expansion opportunities
  • Grain marketing decisions
  • Insurance purchase decisions
  • Labour resource decisions
  • Land rental arrangements
  • Lease vs. purchase decisions
  • Management compensation plans
  • Risk management strategies
  • Structure changes

From annual budgeting analysis to detailed cash flow forecasts and projections to benchmarking and ratio analysis, we provide guidance on the issues that concern you. We want to ensure you have the information necessary to manage  risks, enhance performance, and improve profitability. 

Your Stark & Marsh advisor will arrange for us to ‘look under the hood’ and determine how we can assist you.

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