Speaker Series Presentation
Nov 10, 2017

We invite all Financial Planners & Wealth Management Specialists to attend a presentation: You are invited to attend – Helping you to help your small business clients prepare for today and the future
Tuesday November 28th    12:00-1:30pm
Location: Stark & Marsh Office 365 Central Ave N
Complimentary lunch provided

Do you have clients whose wealth has accumulated as the value of their small business? 

Nadine Dyck with Stark & Marsh CPA LLP would like to introduce you to a service she offers small businesses. 

Too often a small business owner’s time and energy is focused on the daily operations.   We want to help them realize at all stages in the life cycle of their business, time needs to be scheduled to complete strategic planning.

We have identified a tool to help assess if their business is operating at its greatest capabilities called Value Builder.  We offer this complimentary service through our website.   It is an excellent starting point to identify areas that need to be strengthened.   

They also need to have an exit plan.  We help them understand how a small business is valued and ways to enhance their business value to maximize their retirement funds when they sell their business.

Attending this session will allow for Nadine to explain this tool in more detail. Let’s work together to help small businesses reach their full potential.



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