Shaunavon's Multicultural Celebration
Jun 27, 2019

Shaunavon Stark & Marsh staff members Peter Achuoth and Peter Chaudhari were recognized at Shaunavon’s celebration surrounding Canada’s National Multicultural day at the Grand Coteau Heritage & Cultural Centre.

Both were highlighted at the evening's activities and were welcomed by the community!

Learn more about Peter A. and Peter C. and the stories of their immigration to Canada below.

PETER MATHON ACHUOTH, South Sudan (Shaunavon) 

“I was born and raised on a farm in South Sudan, Africa. I grew up herding cattle, goat, and sheep at a young age but was always thinking about going to school one day and obtaining a good education. In July 2002, my younger brother Marko Bol Achouth and I left our family  secretly and went to Kenya, seeking better opportunities. I started my education in primary  school and eventually completed grade 11. At that time, I once again sought new opportunities in other countries. I chose Canada because I heard from a friend that Canada  is a peace-loving country and thought it would be an ideal home. In March 2008 I was interviewed by a Canadian officer that told me I would be able to immigrate. I asked if I was  really allowed to permanently come to Canada, and the officer said yes. It was a surreal moment for me, and I felt my dream of opportunity starting to come true. 

On November 26, 2008, I touched down in Calgary and was overwhelmed by the glittering  city with its magical skyscrapers, but the cold and snow was a harsh reality. At first, I thought it was cold salt falling to the ground. I travelled to Lethbridge to meet Samuel, my brother who had actually moved to Canada in 2001 without my knowledge. In Lethbridge, I  enrolled in an accounting program at first the college and then the university, finally graduating with a management degree in accounting in 2016. At the annual career fair at 
the University of Lethbridge, I met with Darcy Congdon of Stark & Marsh and applied for a  position there. After successful interviews, I started working there on November 4th, 2016 in Shaunavon.
I wasn’t sure how I would be received upon arriving in Shaunavon, but to my surprise the people were amazing and welcoming. I’ll never forget when a gentleman ahead of me in line at the grocery store offered to let me go first, saying he had more groceries and it would be fair to let me go first. I felt very grateful for this gentleman and thought it might work out in Shaunavon. I started getting involved with the Chamber of Commerce which organizes events such as Boomtown Days, Citizen of the Year, etc. and I love it so far. 
In November 2018, I returned to South Sudan to visit my family after 16 years of separation. My mom couldn’t recognize me after such a long time, saying that I was “tall and slim” when I left but I am now “short and chubby”. I started narrating some family stories about my younger life and mom realized I was in fact her son. She broke down in tears and started hugging me with mixed emotions of excitement and sadness. You can imagine the gravity of that unreal moment for the family. It is a moment I will never forget  for the rest of my life. 

From the bottom of my heart, I thank Stark & Marsh for giving me this great opportunity. My appreciation for the support the firm and my coworkers give is beyond words. I also appreciate the phenomenal hospitality of the people of Shaunavon and couldn’t be happier  to consider myself part of the Shaunavon family. Above all, I would like to thank Canada and its people for their generosity they have shown to immigrants who yearn for better lives and better opportunities. I will never lose faith in the greatness of Canada and its 
conviction to renew the audacity of hope in people who might have lost it. I am so lucky to  be a citizen of this great nation! Thank you, Canada!”    

Peter Chaudhari

“Myself Prashant(Peter) Chaudhari and my wife Smita Chaudhari landed in Canada on May 25, 2010. We lived one year in Toronto. We moved to Shaunavon in the beginning of 2012 with my six months old
daughter Tricia. We worked hard and studied at the same time. I got job at Stark and Marsh CPA, LLP
and Smita at co-op bakery.

I completed my study and became designated accountant in 2015. We have purchased a small popular Frosty Treat ice cream store in 2017. We have accomplished some of our goals within short period of

We are always thankful to community and our employers to be part of our progress.”

Peter, Smita, Tricia 


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