Recognizing Achievements
Jan 31, 2019

Stark & Marsh would like to recognize Brian Tuntland and Conrad Funk for their most recent achievements.

In January, Brian became an equity Partner in the firm, while Conrad achieved his Certified Valuation Analyst (CVA designation).

Brian Tuntland was a summer student with Stark & Marsh in his university years and decided to make the move back home 5 years ago to grow his family and his career in Swift Current. His leadership skills, passion for helping others, and ability to provide straight talk are only a few of his best qualities. We’re honoured to welcome Brian into ownership and we look forward to celebrating many more successes with him.

After attaining his CPA designation in 2014 Conrad set his sights on a specialty service in Business Valuations. The Certified Valuation Analyst designation is a unique and rare designation for our area. This designation gives Conrad the knowledge required to discuss selling & merging businesses, transitioning business, expanding business, and even assisting with new business partner buy in pricing for our clientele.

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