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A nine-episode series released in three parts.

In the first three episodes of the Echoes Series on Legacy Planning, TriCert Financial Group President and CEO Mike Gassewitz, along with Gord Hardie, CFP®, CIM, VP of Financial Planning at TriCert Private Wealth, and Oliver Lee, VP of Life Insurance and Living Benefits at TriCert Insurance Agency kick off a comprehensive exploration into the significance and intricacies of legacy planning.

Episode 1: Setting The Stage

Mike introduces the concept of legacy planning, emphasizing its importance in leaving a lasting impact beyond financial assets. Gord and Oliver contribute insights into legacy’s multifaceted nature, stressing its role in ensuring financial security and preserving familial harmony. They highlight the importance of comprehensive financial planning and the indispensable guidance of financial advisors in navigating this complex process.

Recorded on March 15th, 2024

Episode 2: Assessing Your Estate

This episode delves into the critical task of assessing one’s estate. Mike and Gord clarify the concept of an estate, stressing the necessity of valuation and the involvement of professionals like financial planners, accountants, and lawyers. They underscore the importance of regular estate assessments to facilitate ease of settlement, debt management, and fulfilling beneficiaries’ needs.

Recorded on March 26th, 2024

Episode 3: Crafting your Legacy Blueprint

Mike and Gord explore the intricate considerations and goals of crafting a comprehensive legacy blueprint. They discuss the importance of aligning parental visions and understanding individual needs, particularly regarding the distribution of assets among children. Gord emphasizes the need for professional guidance in navigating taxation, inheritance, and business succession, underscoring the complexity of legacy planning.

Recorded on March 27th, 2024

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