Stark & Marsh is a CPASB training office that supports both the MPAcc and CPASB routes in attaining your CPA designation. We provide hands-on learning opportunities, allowing students to work through client files from start to finish with the help of both a trainer and a mentor. We offer the experience necessary for students to develop skills by working with large, complex files while maintaining the feel of a small-town environment.

Regardless of your educational approach; CPAWSB or MPAcc, Stark & Marsh offers the following:

  • Paid CFE study leave.
  • All fees (student membership fees, individual module fees, and CFE fees) are paid for by the firm.
  • Densmore "in-house" training week. Stark & Marsh covers course costs and paid study time.
  • Access to a designated CPAWSB Coordinator for all questions and discussions.
  • Numerous other students at various stages of development.
Our commitment to CPA Students
  • Paid study and exam days that does not come out of your holidays or banked time.
  • Mentor assistance in marking and reviewing assignments and exams.
  • Course attendance relating to the modules (workshop sessions) including travel time is paid for.
  • Reimbursement will be provided for mileage (approved rates), meals, rental vehicles (if necessary), and accommodations to attend out of town courses or exams.
  • A paid study day for each module and a paid day to write the module exam—if additional time off is wanted, it can be requested.
  • Paid time to write a practice exam in an exam setting for each module when studying—exam is debriefed by recent graduates, which is then went over with the student.


Our Commitment to MpAcc Students
  • A leave of absence is provided to our MPAcc Students for each four month semester.

Commonly asked questions

No. However, we encourage students to consider the pros and cons of each career path. Not attaining your CPA might mean it may take longer to work your way up through the ranks. You could still end up in the same place as CPA’s in our firm but it might not happen as quickly.
We offer accounting and advisory services for individuals and businesses. We specialize in tax advisory services, valuations and transition planning, with a particular focus on agricultural producers.
Our accounting firm operates off of a full time 2100 hour annual hour work commitment.
We have full time offices in Shaunavon and Assiniboia. We also have day offices in Cabri, Kyle, Leader, Maple Creek, Mankota, Ponteix, and Val Marie, SK.
We have roughly sixty-five in Swift Current, ten in Shaunavon, two in Assiniboia and one or two in our remaining day offices. In total we employ roughly eighty-five staff members.
Strong English, reading, and writing skills are essential. Good communication skills are also very important. Although being good at math and understanding numbers is important, it’s more about being a good problem solver, seeing the big picture, and thinking ahead.

This is what our students had to say

I chose to pursue my Masters of Professional Accounting degree (MPAcc) at the University of Saskatchewan and could not have done it without the support of Stark & Marsh. They were gracious enough to grant me a leave of absence when I needed time off to complete my degree, and provided financial assistance. After graduation, I returned home to Swift Current to join my colleagues taking the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) route. Stark & Marsh continued to support our educational endeavours by providing study space, paid leave when needed and internal assistance with evaluation of CPA cases. The generous support from Stark & Marsh enabled me to achieve such great success in reaching my goals. I am extremely grateful for the support Stark & Marsh has provided to me and many of my colleagues.
I was able to get my first hands on experience within Stark & Marsh as a Co-op Student coming from the University of Lethbridge. The opportunity to see first-hand what goes on within a professional accounting firm for eight months has been invaluable. The ability to have hands on experience with audits, taxes, year ends, record keeping and various software’s working hand in hand with CPA professionals was an experience that school could not mimic. The people here have supported me from day one and have taken a vested interest in seeing me develop and succeed as a post-secondary accounting student. Aside from work, one of the most beneficial things I have taken away from my co-op experience has been the opportunity to get involved. Whether it was staff functions, games nights, community events or networking, the opportunities to get involved are endless. As a co-op student at Stark & Marsh, I was lucky enough to call my co-workers friends and truly felt welcomed coming to Swift Current. The support both from an educational standpoint and a financial standpoint from Stark & Marsh is going to help assist me through my final year of University. From the experiences, I have had both within Stark & Marsh, and in the community, I am hoping to return to work upon the completion of my degree. I am proud to say I worked at Stark & Marsh and was very pleased with how my first overall co-op experience went.

Growing Your Career

At Stark & Marsh, we feel that no two career paths have to be the same. We proudly offer a variety of opportunities for our staff to get to where they want to be in their career and get the support they need to succeed. Whether it is additional education and training, taking advantage of our mentorship program, or working toward a specialized area within the firm, we’re here to help.

Amy’s story is a great example of how Stark & Marsh aims to support our employees, while continuing to help meet the needs of our more rural clients.

Amy began her career with Stark & Marsh in 2004, focusing on corporate tax, personal tax, and farm programs. In 2005, she relocated to the Val Marie satellite office, which is closer to the family farm. After returning to work from maternity leave, Amy decided to enroll in the Emerging Leaders Program. The three-year program allowed Amy to improve and develop her exceptional leadership and management skills.
In 2012, Conrad enrolled in the CASB program while working at Stark & Marsh, and obtained his CA designation in 2015. At the same time, he also helped lead the Swift Current Indians to a WMBL championship. Stark & Marsh offers a strong approach to a flex-time environment, which allowed Conrad to put more work time in when the ball season was less active.
Laurie started at Stark & Marsh in 1992 as a seasonal file clerk, but has since worked her way up the corporate ladder and today holds a management position. In 2002, she received her ACIA designation through the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC. She is a valuable team member, serving on several of our firm’s advancement teams and works on promoting our business.
Being able to balance work life and home life is important to Nadine. It is also important to us at Stark & Marsh.

Nadine is both a mother and valued member of our team, and the firm has supported her need to work reduced hours. She also continues to advance her career by enrolling in programs, such as the Emerging Leaders Program, to improve and develop skills that will help her and our firm succeed.
Armed with a passion for agriculture, Shane is Stark & Marsh’s youngest partner. He began working with us in 2002, when he moved back to Swift Current to be more involved in the family farm. Stark & Marsh provides Shane with the time needed to balance both farm life and work life, while also allowing him to build strong community networks while he serves on the Southwest Terminal & the Swift Current Bronco boards.


Job Postings

Whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, the team at Stark & Marsh would like to talk to you. We support our employees by sustaining a culture that balances work and life and promotes lifelong learning through professional development. If you think this is an opportunity you’re ready for, please submit your resume and cover letter to our Director of Operations, Darcy Congdon.

If we see an opportunity to have you join our team, we will figure out where to fit you in. Every job is important and an opportunity with Stark & Marsh will prove to help you meet your career goals.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Package

Our total rewards package includes flexible work schedules, a group RRSP matching program, benefits, and professional development and training. Details regarding compensation will be based on the successful candidate's knowledge, skills, and experience. We are a progressive and competitive organization, but also understand the importance of a healthy work environment and a balance in life. We value our down-to-earth culture and ability to have fun and are always looking for new team members that can do the same.

All successful candidates will receive technical training and immediate practical experience in their area of employment. While developing the required technical knowledge and diagnostic, project/process management, and information management skills, they will also strive to reach leadership, management, communications, and interpersonal competencies as cultivated within the firm.

Current openings

senior audit associate

Stark & Marsh CPA LLP is seeking a qualified individual to join our Assurance Services Department as an experienced Accounting Technician in Swift Current, Shaunavon, or Assiniboia as a full time permanent position.  As part of our assurance team, our successful candidate will primarily have the opportunity to work on a wide range of reviews and audits along with additional involvement in compilations and corporate tax returns.

The Candidate Requirements
Our successful candidate will take on a professional role as part of servicing our clients, leading engagement teams, and providing coaching and mentoring to junior team members.  The ideal candidate requirements are:

  • CPA, CA designated or equivalent designation, or near completion of the designation
  • At minimum a bachelor’s degree in an accounting, finance or a business program, supported by a minimum of eighteen months’ work experience as an auditor in a public accounting firm
  • Working knowledge of trial balances, general ledger databases, financial statement close processes and accounting matters.
  • Strong understanding of Canadian GAAP and GAAS.
  • Strong computer literacy.
  • Experience with accounting and tax software such as Caseware, Taxprep, Profile, Quickbooks, and Sage 50 is considered an asset.
  • Excellent communication (oral and written) and interpersonal skills that allow you to thrive in a team environment.
  • The ability to develop and maintain working relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • Demonstrate an ability to prioritize workload to ensure client commitments are honoured.
  • Previous file preparation experience in a public accounting firm required.

Key Duties & Responsibilities

  • Completion of audit and review engagements in both an individual and team environment
  • Design and execute assurance procedures based on risk and materiality.
  • Identify issues, propose resolutions, and discuss with engagement manager or partner to reach agreed up on action plans
  • Verify and test financial statements and supporting disclosures.
  • Develop strong working relationships with clients by providing exceptional client service
  • Communicate with governments regarding information requests, assessments, and installments.
  • Network in the local business community.



designated accountant or Accounting Technician

We are seeking a qualified individual to join our Technical Services Department as an Accountant in Shaunavon and Swift Current, SK. 

The Candidate:

  • Our successful candidate will possess their CPA (CA, CMA, or CGA) or have 3-5 years experience and possess a post-secondary degree or diploma from a recognized business program
  • Experience with Caseware and a client base of agriculture would be deemed an asset
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • The wiliness to learn & goal oriented
  • The ability to work in a team setting

The successful candidate will be goal oriented with excellent problem solving, communication, and relationship building skills, along with the willingness to continually build on their technical knowledge.

Our successful candidate will receive technical training and immediate practical experience in their area of employment.  While developing the required technical knowledge and diagnostic, project/process management, and information management skills, they will also strive to reach leadership, management, communications, and interpersonal competencies as cultivated within the firm. 



Stark & Marsh CPA LLP currently offers up to two $500 scholarships to the Swift Current Comprehensive High School. Applicants must be graduating from Grade 12 enrolling in a full-time, post-secondary educational program within 1 year of graduation. The deadline to apply was March 4th, 2019 at 3:30pm.

Selection is based off of:

  • Applicants must provide Grade 10, 11, and 1st semester of Grad 12 marks
  • Applicants level of community involvement and school activities will be reviewed
  • Students who display a sense of responsibility associated with paying for their education
  • Proof of enrollment must be provided prior to receiving scholarship funds
  • Scholarship recipients must agree to publicly releasing their name and in some circumstances a photo as a recipient of a Stark & Marsh CPA LLP scholarship.
2019 scchs scholarship recipients

Photo #1: Darcy Congdon Stark & Marsh D.O.O and Kaylen Heinrichs


Photo #2: Darcy Congdon Stark & Marsh D.O.O and Taylor Platt


Application Form



Swift Current Great Plains College Scholarship Program

Stark & Marsh CPA LLP provides $5,000.00 on an annual basis for scholarships in the Business or Administrative Assistant Program.
For the 2018-19 academic year, students are automatically considered for an Entrance Scholarship when you apply to a full-time student loan-eligible program before the scholarship deadline (see below).
Students must pay their $55 application fee and submit their current transcripts for their application to be considered.

  • $500 minimum Entrance Scholarship
  • $5,000 maximum Entrance Scholarship

2018-19 Grade-based Entrance Scholarship Levels
70-79% $500
80-84% $1,000
85-89% $1,500
90-94% $2,500
95-100% $5,000
Note: Entrance Scholarship grade average is calculated based on marks from 30-level Canadian studies and English classes, and the highest achieved marks from 20 or 30-level math and science classes. Some exceptions may apply.
Entrance Scholarship Deadlines:
Apr. 30 – deadline for September entry
Oct. 31 – deadline for late fall and winter program start dates
Feb. 28 – deadline for spring program start dates
The fine print for Entrance Scholarships:
In order to be eligible for an entrance scholarship your application must be received by April 30, 2018, for September 2018 program start dates and October 31, 2018, for late fall and winter program start dates, or February 28, 2019 for spring program start dates. This includes your Great Plains College Certificate & Diploma programs application or Great Plains College university application form, your application fee and a copy of your most recent transcript.
Please visit Great Plains College’s website for full scholarship application details.

2018 Great Plains College Recipients

Mason Smeby, Nicole Cloutier, Ashley Hanson, Ashleynn Lord, and Cooper Patterson

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