business valuations

Ben Wiebe, Nadine Dyck & Conrad Funk

Knowing the value of a business has significant benefits in the finance, insurance, succession and income tax areas as well as in buy/sell transactions. Our Valuation team has the professional expertise to advise you regarding the value of your business whether you need an objective third-party value calculation or need support at the negotation table.

  1. Are you considering buying or selling a business? We can calculate a reasonable value of the business for a starting point in negotiations. We can work with you in making an offer to buy a business or evaluate an offer received to sell your business and the subsequent negotiations.
  2. Have you considered the value of your business as an important tool in your strategic plan at all stages of the business life cycle? We can calculate the current value of your business and then consult in enhancing the value of your business to achieve the target identified in your strategic plan.
  3. Have you ensured an equitable split of your estate? It is important to have a value calculated of your business to ensure your intended equitable split is achieved.
  4. Have you considered if your business is sellable? Complete a survey that will produce a complimentary Sellability Report that rates how sellable your business is. We can then consult on improving the sellability of your business and provide tools to assist in this. You will benefit from starting early to build your business into a sellable one.
  5. Is your business an asset in a matrimonial settlement? We can prepare an independent valuation to assist with the division of property.
  6. Are you are reorganizing your business to bring a family member or key employee into ownership or incorporating your partnership?
  7. Did you know on death the value of shares in privately owned businesses are needed both for probate and for income tax purposes?
  8. Does your business have a shareholder agreement that stipulates the business be valued annually?
  9. Do you know if you have adequate insurance coverage for the value of your business? Have a value calculated and discuss with your insurance agent.
  10. Was your business forced to stop operations and will be making a claim for business interruption insurance? We can calculate the value of your lost income stream.

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