agristability & agriinvest


Agristability: provides support when producers experience a large margin decline
  • The Reference Margin Limit (RML) will now guarantee all producers at least 70% of their conventional Reference Margin. This change will ensure producers from all sectors will have improved access to support under the program, regardless of their cost-structure
  • Late enrollment is now being accepted. Producers are able to enter the program late in situations where there is a significant income decline and a gap in participation. Producers will be subject to a 20% reduction therefore regular annual enrollment is still encouraged
  • Minimum payment will be adjusted to $250.00
  • If your farm or ranch is newly enrolled in AgriStability or has been operating for less than five years, the reference margin will be based on the three most recent margins (if available). If three years are not available, the reference margin will be based on industry averages and standards. New participants will only be required to submit the previous three years of historical financial information as well as the supplemental information.
  • Deadlines to be aware of:
    • July 3rd Deadlines

      • to enroll in AgriStability for the 2020 program year

      • request a New Participant Package

      • to cancel participation in the program year

      • deadline to pay your program fee without penalty *Fees paid after July 3rd (or 30 days from the date of your Enrollement/Fee Notice, whichever is later) will have a 20% penalty added.

    • September 30th Program Forms Deadline to submit without penalty

    • December 31st Program Forms & Program Fee Deadline to submit with penalty

AgriInvest: provides cash flow to help producers manage income declines
  • The maximum Allowable Net Sales (ANS) eligible under AgriInvest will be reduced to $1 million. down from $1.5 million
  • The annual government matching contributions will be limited to $10,000.00 per AgriInvest account, down from $15,000.00
  • The minimum payment will be adjusted from $75.00 to $250.00

Questions? Please contact your trusted Stark & Marsh advisor to discuss your personal situation and determine whether the AgriStability program may be well-suited to your circumstances. Visit our Contact page for the telephone number of your local office.

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