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Our Tax Advisory professionals will assess your unique requirements and reduce complex decisions to sound and considerate solutions.

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We build meaningful relationships to provide valued services to our clients, opportunities for our colleagues and contributions to our communities.

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Community Involvement
At Stark & Marsh we are proud to be a part of our community, socially, economically and environmentally.

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Latest News

09/15/2014 - Saskatchewan faces harvest challenges

Saskatchewan farmers can expect a challenging harvest with unstable weather conditions. ... MORE

09/08/2014 - Will hog profitability lead to expansion?

According to Statistics Canada. Record profitability in the sector seems to have finally restored some confidence in the industry. ... MORE

09/01/2014 - Beef herd shrinks while prices grow

The Canadian beef herd continues to shrink as prices reach record levels. ... MORE

08/25/2014 - Grain farmers get cash advance extension

Western farmers unable to market last fall's crop due to rail delays and other transportation issues brought on by flooding have been granted more time to repay their 2013 cash advances. ... MORE

08/18/2014 - Funds aim at organic growth

Canada's organic sector is getting an $8-million influx of cash. ... MORE

08/11/2014 - Churchill open, hopes for record exports

The first ship of what’s hoped to be a record-breaking year was loading wheat at Manitoba’s Port of Churchill starting Tuesday. ... MORE

08/05/2014 - CGC new crop year

Grain grading changes, including updated tolerances for ergot and sclerotinia for most classes of wheat, come into effect in Western Canada on Aug. 1. ... MORE

07/28/2014 - Stay of default granted on Prairie growers’ cash advances

Given the obstacles against shipping Prairie grain since last fall, Prairie crop growers who took out federally-backed cash advances last year now have more time to repay them. ... MORE

07/21/2014 - All eyes turn to the sky

Grain and oilseed production shortfalls due to excess moisture in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are unlikely to be offset by other areas of the Prairies, say crop experts. ... MORE

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